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At the beginner level it is very important to build good violin fundamentals and learn basic skills. Developing correct posture and left hand position, proper bow hold and basic bowing techniques will help you achieve better results in learning how to play the violin not only at beginner level, but also later at intermediate and advanced levels. You need to learn also basic theory in order to be able to read music sheet.


At this point you will learn and improve skills like: vibrato, shifting to 2nd and 3rd position, basic double stops and chords, new bowing techniques and articulations, dynamics and interpretation of different music styles. It is important to keep improving sight reading, intonation and develop better tone.


To reach advanced level in playing the violin takes time, determination, patience and a lot of practice. At this level you will be learning difficult techniques like: spiccato, sautillé, ricochet, up bow staccato, left-hand pizzicato, difficult double stops and chords, harmonics and shifting to higher positions. You will improve interpretive skills, expression and artistry in your playing.

Violin Instructor for All Ages and Levels

Robert Stormowski is a Polish professional violinist and violin teacher.

Robert started his musical education at the age of  7 at The Kazimierz Wiłkomirski National School of Music in Elbląg, Poland.

He graduated from The Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Białystok in 2004 and as a Master of Arts - Major in Violin Performance and Violin Pedagogy, he worked as a violin teacher at Primary National School of Music in Kętrzyn, Poland.

In 2005 Robert successfully passed an audition to The Felix Nowowiejski Warmian-Masurian Philharmonic Orchestra of Olsztyn, …


What My Students Say About Me

Before I took classes with Sir Robert Stormowski, I had many issues with my violin and how I played it. But during the first several months of taking his classes, he not only corrected my violin technique, but he also improved my playing a lot, and inspired me to be more diligent with my practicing. Under his guidance I was able …

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Andriea Danielle Estrella

Hi, I am Sheena Salvani. I enrolled in Davao Violin Studio in 2023 and have been taking violin lessons under the guidance of Mr. Robert Stormowski for about a year now. Although I started at the age of 17, which is considered a late start in learning violin, I am so glad I decided to go after my dream.

After …

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Sheena Salvani

I was Sir Robert's student for around 4 years in Davao City, Philippines. During that time, I learned a lot about various violin techniques and improved my artistry in playing the violin. Sir Robert would teach me the proper techniques and interpretation of classical pieces as well as skill of improvisation. He pays great attention to detail on the fundamentals, …

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Joann Lau

I have been taking Violin Lessons with Sir Robert for almost 9 months now and I can definitely say that I am grateful to have found the best Professional violin teacher. At first, I was hesitant of having online lessons, thinking that it is not as effective compared to face to face lessons. However, it proved me wrong after our …

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Fedora Balcita

I first began my lessons with Professor Robert Stormowski when I was 13. At the time, I was living in Davao City. During that same year I joined the University of the Immaculate Conception Orchestra which was directed by Prof. Stormowski.

As his former student, I must say that Prof. Stormowski’s teaching style is comprehensive and has a keen ear …

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Robi Castaneda

I have studied under Sir Robert for around 6 months both in face to face and online and have learned and developed a lot of my violin skills. He is very efficient in teaching and makes his lessons very clear and easy to understand.

Chanelle Go

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