Sheena Salvani

Davao City

Hi, I am Sheena Salvani. I enrolled in Davao Violin Studio in 2023 and have been taking violin lessons under the guidance of Mr. Robert Stormowski for about a year now. Although I started at the age of 17, which is considered a late start in learning violin, I am so glad I decided to go after my dream.

After only several months of learning, Sir Robert encouraged me to take ABRSM Grade 1 Violin Performance exam which motivated me to work harder and do my best in preparation for this exam. I took the exam in November 2023 and passed with distinction which is the best result you can achieve in ABRSM exams.
In February 2024 I joined UIC Ignacian String Orchestra and only after 9 rehearsals, I already had my first opportunity to perform as an orchestra member at UIC College of Music Annual Concert. Sir Robert Stormowski is the orchestra's conductor and within really short time he helped me a lot to prepare for this great event which is an unforgettable experience for me and a dream come true.
I have had a great, very successful and memorable first year of my musical journey with Davao Violin Studio and UIC Ignacian String Orchestra.
I highly recommend Davao Violin Studio to anyone who wants to learn the violin! Here you have an opportunity to be trained by really great and professional violin teacher - Mr. Robert Stormowski as well as become a member of  UIC Ignacian String Orchestra.
It's never to late to pursue your passion for music and I am really happy that I chose to go after my dreams and turn my aspirations into real achievements.