Daniel Ethan Lim


I've been studying the violin for about a year. I first believed that learning the violin was very difficult in and of itself, but studying it online would be even more difficult due to the specific position of the hands, the angle of the bow, the tuning of the violin, and many other variables that would make learning the violin difficult in online sessions. Despite these obstacles, with Sir Robert's teaching skills, patience and attention to details, I was able to learn fast. After only few months of practice, I was able to participate in my first violin online recital. I was blown away when after short time I was able to play etudes, minuets, and even musical and pop tunes such as A Whole New World, Beautiful in White, and many others. I participated also in other online events such as Christmas and Valentine's Day performances, which boosted my confidence and enabled me to participate in my school activities that require performing in front of my school.