Fedora Balcita

Baguio City

I have been taking Violin Lessons with Sir Robert for almost 9 months now and I can definitely say that I am grateful to have found the best Professional violin teacher. At first, I was hesitant of having online lessons, thinking that it is not as effective compared to face to face lessons. However, it proved me wrong after our first meeting. Since day 1, I started to appreciate his teaching methods. By initially assessing my playing, he identified what I should improve, and the bad habits to be corrected. He made sure that i know the basics before he gradually taught me the techniques step by step. He teaches according to level with different teaching materials/scores from different books, accompaniment recordings and scores he himself played, arranged and notated. He is also accommodating to teach me songs I would request or want to learn. He is very patient in teaching and every lesson with him was progressive, enjoyable and worth every penny. I have realized that having the right mentor is one big factor. Comparing myself then and now, I can say that I improved a lot, and I’m sure that I will continue to improve more through his continuous guidance. And on our part as his students, we should also be passionate and dedicated in learning and applying every technique he has taught us, and improve them through frequent practice. To those who are looking for a Violin Teacher who is very efficient and effective, I highly recommend Sir Robert. I am sure he will make a great teacher for any students. Anybody who will have him will never regret it!