Francesca Tabanda

General Santos City

One thing to mention: I would definitely recommend Sir Robert. I am from General Santos City. Before the pandemic, I would travel hours to go see Sir Robert a few times a month for lessons—and each visit was always worth the trip. I have been playing the violin for almost a decade. My beginning wasn’t the best because my mom and I had no idea how to properly look for the right teachers and methods for proper development. I would really say that Sir Robert was able to fix my incorrect foundation and guide me to correctly practice the instrument. We mostly do online classes nowadays because of the current situation. I am grateful for Sir Robert’s patience towards me since my busy schedule as an upcoming senior high school student has made my practice time unstable; however, I always look forward to each lesson that I am able to squeeze in despite that. If you are looking for a good foundation to start your violin journey, I confidently believe that Sir Robert can help you with that!